All Classes are for beginners and experienced participants

Kim encourages each student to safely befriend their bodies in a variety of yoga classes. She facilitates by creating a safe environment which carries over to: 


   Honoring your body in authentic ways    

   Openness to self care of your body through grace and compassion    

   Present moment experiences with your body that are safe and in your control.     

   Empowerment found from the inside out that can be experienced on your yoga mat through personal choice making, and perhaps carried over into your everyday life.

"Through yoga I have found restored hope. Some days my hope is just a tiny spark, other days like when I come to yoga it swells up inside of me and I feel safe enough to daydream again." Misty class participant

Feel free to explore The Trauma Center research supporting frequent TCTSY participation and benefits the practice offers.  


Mindfulness-Kindness Rock Class - this class open to all

There are two things that I have been an admirer of and collected all of my life. They are the simplest of things, shells and rocks!  Ask those that know me. There is something magically transforming emotionally and in my well-being when I encounter them. The excitement, the interaction with my senses, imagination, a felt joy and a desire to share my treasure and experience with family and friends.  

A few years ago I was on a hike with my family and there was a light mist coming down dampening the rocks. That is when I saw the most beautiful colored rock I had ever seen!  I immediately fell in love and of course decided to bring the rock home to my garden. The rock was quite heavy but I was determined! With a sore back and dirt all over my rain coat I made it to the car with my rock in tow. Once home I found the perfect place for my new beauty and decided to weigh it before placing the rock in it’s new home. To my astonishment the rock weighed in at 50 pounds! Guess I was determined to bring it home and it also explained why my back hurt! 

There is something so beautiful and pure in these treasure that connects me to simple and reflective moments of joy, love, happiness, gratitude deep down in my being. Collecting these special gems  often lifts my spirits, changes my thoughts, and connects my mind and body in new more focused ways. I feel made new from withIN. To me that is what mindfulness is all about. Hence the birth of our NEW Mindfulness &Kindness Rock class.

Come and grab a rock  and spend 30 minutes exploring and sharing in the intention based practice of Mindfulness and simple Yoga. Plan to keep your chosen rock with you for the duration of class to allow your mind and body to FEEL and EXPERIENCE the message on your rock. 

Our 30 minute shared experience will focus withIN YOU  as we practice action oriented mindfulness techniques for our minds and gentle yoga forms to join our mind and body experiences of hope, joy, gratitude and so much more.

After class you can take your rock with you as a reminder of your class experience, leave your rock for someone else, or this is the fun part take your rock and SHARE it somewhere or give it to someone as simple gesture of Kindness.


Class information:

Class begins February 6th!

Every Tuesday morning from 8:15-8:45 our mindfulness class for mind and body

7:45-8:10 rock decorating available

8:45-9:15 rock decorating available 

bring your favorite quote to write on a rock

This is a drop in class. Registration is not required.  Classes are $10.00 or purchase a punch card available for 5 classes for $40.00 

Peaceful Embodiment Series- JOIN TODAY and start your series

Throughout this 5 week series participants will explore a predictable series of Hatha style Yoga modified to safely and effectively build trauma survivors' experience of empowerment and cultivate a more positive relationship to one's body. Participants are always in charge of themselves and based on felt sense of their own body make powerful personal choices called effective action. This class is for intended for trauma survivors, individuals with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, toxic stress and to compliment addiction recovery interventions. This series is by pre-enrollment.

* Participants will be asked to complete a a brief confidential history form prior to the first class during a 15 minute consultation with Kim by phone or at the studio prior to the start of the series.

Series class time 9:30 AM-10:30 AM every Tuesday.

Series $100.00 for 5 classes.

*Participant has 8 weeks from the date of first class to use purchased 5 week series classes. 

Upon completion of your 5 week  series you will receive a free stylish class t-shirt!

"I am older and have experienced relational trauma all my life. Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga is so empowering! For the FIRST time in my life I am able to make choices for myself." Class participant 

Yoga for Teens-Lessen wintertime Blues


This after school 5 week chill out yoga series is for middle school girls. This class offers a safe respite from demands of school, peers, school drama, struggles with body image issues, school-based anxiety and more. This series explores body-based coping skills to stressors through yoga, breath awareness and personal choice making that is nonjudgemental and empowering.  Class series is by enrollment only to provide a safe space that supports positive group dynamics and trust.

  • Participants will be asked to complete a brief confidential questionnaire at the first class. 

Class is limited to 5 girls.  Series cost $100.00 

Please contact Kim if you are interested in enrolling your daughter.  Dates and times to be announced soon based on interest.

Yoga for Golfers


A dynamic golf performance class for golfers of all abilities and levels of flexibility.  Classes are designed to increase distance, power, focus, confidence, and vitality. This class applies yoga-based physical and mental conditioning to the bio mechanics of the golf-swing. 

A wonderful wintertime golf enhancing practice shared with others that are passionate about golf and game improvement. See and feel a difference in your game.

Individual $ 15.00

Couples  $ 25.00

Dates to be determined based on interest. Classes can be private, small group or a series. Series participants will receive practice handouts (dynamic warm-up and golf cart stretches).  Contact Kim on our contact page for more information.

Private Sessions or group workshops- all about you!

Trauma Informed yoga private sessions are being offered at The Fitness Connection in Waynesville beginning January 2018.  Contact Kim Mulholland to discuss your personal needs and develop a program that will be beneficial to you.  Private sessions are available for teens and adults. Customized Group workshops available. 

Contact Kim for additional information on Private Sessions