trauma sensitive yoga testimonials

“In yoga I have a better relationship with my mind and body which helps me to calm down and regulate my emotions. That is when I experience hope.” 

“It is in the present moment experience in a particular yoga form that I am able to put perspective on my life experiences which places hope back where it belongs.”

“Through yoga I have found restored hope. Somedays my hope is just a tiny spark, other days like when I come to yoga it swells up inside of me and I feel safe enough to daydream again.”

“I have experienced true hopelessness: homelessness and losing my children. Yoga class has restored my hope in EVERYTHING that I am going though good and bad.”

“Yoga helps me relax, feel more at peace and in the present moment.” 

“I have taken yoga in treatment centers before and this class style is different. I wish they offered Kim’s Trauma Sensitive Yoga classes at treatment facilities. Many would benefit.”

“I have found the ability to regulate my emotions on the yoga mat. Outside of class I have found I am able to separate myself from stressful situations and am handling my anxiety much better.”

“Your class has honestly helped me with acceptance. Acceptance is so important because now I recognize the need for change. I have learned this through self-awareness of my actual senses and emotions. I found this recognition on my yoga mat in class from week to week. Actually feeling, sensing and noticing each part of my body. I have a long road ahead of me as I leave for prison tomorrow and I will be there for many years. Despite this, through yoga, I have found joy and peace more than you will ever know. I will greatly miss this class and you.” 

“I have a new positive outlook on myself and my body image. I have learned things about myself that are positive that I didn’t know before. I learned these things in yoga and I am grateful for this class.” 

“When I take this class I feel relaxed and it mellows my anxiety and stress. I love the way I have choices in class. They mean a lot and really help me own the experience. My 11 year old son just started with Kim and he gives her a grade of 100!”

"Trauma Sensitive Yoga has improved my ability to regulate my emotions. I feel calmer, as well as stronger, both physically and mentally. Kim is a patient and compassionate instructor that encourages me to make improvements in myself in my own time and in my own way.” 

“For the first time in my life and I am older, I am able to make choices for myself. Trauma Sensitive Yoga is so empowering. “

“I am more in touch with my emotions in a positive way from Trauma Sensitive Yoga class.”

 Classes facilitated by Kim Mulholland 300 hour Certified Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive

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